Two options when using non-standard fonts in your presentations

October 18, 2010

You want to use a non-standard font in a presentation for a specific effect? Yes, well that can be a good idea, but one must be aware of the caveats. The presentation may not display correctly on another PC as the font may not be standard distribution.

Take the slide which I chose for this post. I used this at a presentation at the World Computer Congress. I wanted to give the feel of a stick on label and therefore choose the Blackout font that looked as it was a label generated by an old-style label-making machine. But clearly this font was almost certainly not available on the PC that the conference organizers provided.

So how do you do it while playing it safe?
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Staying cool, calm and collected when the unexpected happen

October 17, 2010

In an earlier post I reminisced on some things that can go wrong during your presentation. If we believe in Murphy’s Law examples of the unexpected is abound. It does not even skip leaders of nations…

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Three unexpected events that could happen in your next presentation

October 16, 2010

Fonts display as gibberishEarlier in the week I attended the SAICSIT conference. Three “unexpected” events occurred at the conference which I think is worth thinking about. Afterall, we learn from our experiences and those of others.

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