Put it on a list…

August 20, 2010

Lately I’ve been thinking about productivity issues quite a lot.  Some of it probably has to do with the fact that I managed to curb my e-mail anxiety quite a bit. If you read my blog previously you may recall that I’ve previously blogged about how I fought my e-mail monster in two rounds (one; two) and how I’ve sized it up, and how.  In that post I also mentioned that I used GTD principles as explained in David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. My experience as I applied that to e-mail was really positive.  It was not easy, but I reckon it is all about making a certain way of thinking a habit.
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Customizing your twitter background… and a challenge

August 15, 2010

When I read the challenge at inoveryourhead.net of doing something that you’ve been putting off NOW, I decided to customize my twitter background.

Turns out that it is hyper-easy. The most difficult part is to make the image.  And even this is easy. I created a wider than normal slide in Powerpoint (to cater for the 1960 pixel screens) and saved that as an PNG file. My background is simple, designed to keep everything at the left of the twitter contents.  Since the twitter contents is centered on the screen it is impossible to create something that will work always, but I bargained on most people opening their browser at 800×600 or larger. For the actual design I re-used my blog pictures.

Check my twitter page out here.

OK, it took me more than 5 minutes, but not much. The lesson sometimes one must just get off your backside and do what you’ve been thinking about for a while.

Julien Smith at inoveryourhead notice that momentum comes from pushing, not from planning. Confidence comes from scars and risk, not from indecision. So I will re-issue Julien’s challenge on my blog:

Q: What is a five-minute action you can take today that will make tomorrow better? I don’t care if it’s cleaning your house or writing one paragraph. You’re going to do it now.
A: Drop everything right now, act on that for five minutes, and then come back and tell me what you did.

Like Julien, I will act as your conscience, just I won’t be fooled… I expect you to comment here today, or you clearly aren’t actually reading!

Investing time…

July 5, 2010

What do you do with your time? Seth Godin made me think about this in his blog post “What’s the point” when he said one should not spend your time on project, you should invest time…

Time afterall is a very scarce non-renewable resource.  Once its gone it gone, nothing can be done to get it back. And there is no point sulking about it either – just more time wasted.  So I figure we can use time in a very similar sense as money.

We can:

  • WASTE time, not do anything productive. Note that I am not saying that not working is a waste, it’s not – all of us need to rest sometimes.  I just spend three weeks on vacation – it definitely is not time wasted; no, it refreshes and re-energises!  But to just do stuff because… well no reason: that is a waste.
  • SPEND time, by using it in some way. This has that “must” feeling to it – just doing the job. While we probably cannot get rid of all of that – sometimes we do stuff because we can 🙂 – most of this time befalls something perceived necessary, most often habitual…
  • INVEST our time by spending it on activities that are sensible in the long run.  Family time can be seen as an investment, but so can time spent on solving a noteworthy problem, or doing a project that will make a real difference…

I will consciously try to INVEST more time, actively trying to avoid WASTED time and minimize habitually just SPENDING time.  Are you with me?  Any good suggestion, leave them in the comments (that is time INVESTed to help others (me for one) and organising your mind, so go for it!)