Using momentum to review your progress.

October 24, 2010
Speed and Grace

Where is your momentum taking you?

How are you doing? You have a goal right? Are you getting there?

I suggest thinking about your momentum to help you think about whether you are getting there…

Of course momentum can refer to a physical object in motion. That is not the kind of momentum that I am referring to. I’m thinking of the impetus of an idea or a course of events. But the analogy with the physical object is useful; let’s explore it.

Momentum gets influenced by the mass and velocity of an object. Ask yourself:

What is the mass of your idea/course of events. I.e. how noticeable is what you do? How do you make others aware of what you are doing? Is there substance to what you are doing… You know ideas can stay ideas, useless. It only becomes something if you do something about it! You need to give your ideas mass. You need to do something about your ideas… ideas by itself does not have mass, it’s what you do with the ideas, to borrow from Seth Godin, what you ship, that matters.

What is velocity? In physics it describes the speed and direction of motion. This is two important concepts to further explore.

Direction is important. If you are not going in the direction that you want, you are not going to get there. Well, that’s probably not 100% true, nobody is 100% on target all of the time.  We steer a boat to compensate for the current, but generally if you want to go straight north, you do not head straight south. You need to have a direction in mind. See Why a Destination Decision is Mission Critical on the Escape Velocity blog.

Speed is an indication of the rate of change.  How fast do things happen?  Are you taking your time? Fine, but don’t expect to get their anytime soon.  And don’t be surprised if somebody gets there before you do.

So are your ideas gaining mass? Does the momentum take you in the direction where you want to be, at the required pace?

Think about it… Maybe you need to work on increasing the mass, adjusting your direction or involve others to help up the pace.

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