Please rob me… location-based services and privacy

March 5, 2010

Location-based services may be the new “hot” thing for marketers (see Six Pixels of Separation blog entry), but Mitch Joel also points out the scary part. By checking in with services such as Foursquare you give away your location… Now if you were mischievous you could put that information to use. This has been “proved” by the “service” Please Rob Me, that shows that you can now quickly determine who is away from home… Fair enough you will still have to figure out where these people live etc.,  but how difficult can that be with tons of personal information lying around on the web waiting to be harvested… (of course if you check-in to your house… oops)

So by the way I have multiple personalities: thinking of robbing me — I am wherever you don’t want me to be…