Project Proposals 30 April 2010

May 2, 2010

On stage...

Project/Research proposals for Masters & Doctoral students at the School of ICT at NMMU are different from many such occasions.  Some institutions see this as a defense, but not us. We try to create a safe environment, where students can feel they get support and help, rather than being attacked and criticized.  We try (unfortunately, unsuccessfully sometimes it seems) to make criticism help with the future project, rather than “breaking presenters and their projects down”. In this spirit, I will reflect on what I (generally) saw in the presentations after each session… In this blog I will focus on some “presentation” aspects – some positive, some not. Some you’ll agree with, some probably not.  Whichever way, do leave your comments below…

Hopefully this can be useful to our students, but also to other presenters out there.
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