Reflecting on 2012

December 31, 2012

So the end of 2012 has arrived… As a direct result of my 2012 beacons I have not been blogging this year. In retrospect that might have been a mistake, but allow me to reflect on how I fared in 2012.

My three beacons were: Prioritize, Purge, & Play. This is how I score myself:

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Even the 400-meter-hurdles has 4 turns!

November 20, 2010

Letzigrund Stadium (Zurich) by beatkueng

Like the 400 meter hurdles, the eight years hurdles is not run on the straight track. You therefore cannot run it as if there are no turns ahead. Unfortunately the track is not nearly as well-defined either. In fact, one of the more difficult aspects of the eighty-year-hurdles is to anticipate the turns. Read the rest of this entry »

Scared of not finishing the eighty-year-hurdles?

November 19, 2010


Finish Line by jayneandd

So you are taking it slow, checking things out, scared of making a mistake? Maybe you are afraid that you won’t finish the race. Well, the bad news is that this race doesn’t have an end; instead, all is in the participation! The thing with life is: none of us get out of here alive.


Now I’m not propagating that you don’t think about what you’re doing, or that you lead your life in an irresponsible way. No! Quite the opposite, I suggest that you always think, but not about the future, but about now, here, this moment and how you can make the best of it, right now. How can you be the best participant NOW?

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The eighty-year-hurdles is a team sport!?

November 18, 2010

A Helping hand

Do you feel you are running a lonely race? Do you feel as if you’re struggling on on your own? In the eighty-year-hurdles we are not alone. Although you might perceive it as an individual race, you are allowed a team!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Dealing with tripping in the eighty-year-hurdles.

November 15, 2010

Tripping over hurdle

Will we clear every hurdle? No! Obviously we will sometimes not make it. Does that mean that we fail? No, it only tells us that we didn’t get across this hurdle.

Failure is final, you’re done, but falling over a hurdle does not mean that we are done. Remember that this place is not about winning or losing, but participating. Worry not about tripping, but what you’ve learned! Read the rest of this entry »

Setting up your hurdles for the eighty-years-hurdles

November 11, 2010
110 metre hurdles Bislett Games 2008

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You have more control over your hurdles than what you might think. Sure, some hurdles will be put there by other people, possibly those who want to trip you… Some hurdles may be present in circumstances that you have no control over, like the death of a loved-one or a natural disaster. But you choose a lot of the hurdles yourself through things you want to achieve, you want done, you think is important.

What you always have though is a choice of how to handle the hurdle. Here are some options:
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Keep going! You are running the eighty-year-hurdles

November 10, 2010
three phases in timed shutter release

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Life happens. We need to deal with it. We will not like everything, but we need to keep going.

The eighty-year-hurdles differ from the popular track event in several important ways, three of which I explore here: Read the rest of this entry »