Dealing with tripping in the eighty-year-hurdles.

November 15, 2010

Tripping over hurdle

Will we clear every hurdle? No! Obviously we will sometimes not make it. Does that mean that we fail? No, it only tells us that we didn’t get across this hurdle.

Failure is final, you’re done, but falling over a hurdle does not mean that we are done. Remember that this place is not about winning or losing, but participating. Worry not about tripping, but what you’ve learned! Read the rest of this entry »


Setting up your hurdles for the eighty-years-hurdles

November 11, 2010
110 metre hurdles Bislett Games 2008

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You have more control over your hurdles than what you might think. Sure, some hurdles will be put there by other people, possibly those who want to trip you… Some hurdles may be present in circumstances that you have no control over, like the death of a loved-one or a natural disaster. But you choose a lot of the hurdles yourself through things you want to achieve, you want done, you think is important.

What you always have though is a choice of how to handle the hurdle. Here are some options:
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