A five-label incarnation of my four-facet thinking framework

October 9, 2010


global financial crisis

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After my earlier post on a four-facet thinking framework I had some discussions with Riekert du Preez where we tried applying that way of think to his MBA research. His research, by the way is about Green IT.  I want to share some of our thoughts, albeit with a more general question than what Riekert’s research addresses.

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A four-facet framework for thinking holistically about questions

October 7, 2010

All of us need to answer questions all the time. Clearly factual questions are easy, one knows the answer or not. However, most questions are not well-formed. So how do one make sure that you consider the question from a holistic perspective?

While detail will differ for every question, I believe in using framework as a starting point. In the last several years I developed my framework for thinking about complex questions, specifically if they need action from my side.  The framework has its roots in the IDEF0 modeling method, although it now looks nothing like it, and has nothing to do with functional descriptions anymore. To explain it let me give an example question. Say I’m contemplating “What changes should I introduce in my IT Management” module?” Read the rest of this entry »

NMMU masters student launches new business

September 12, 2010

This is not my normal kind of post, but that’s probably because I don’t have too many businesses launched right under my nose…

I am happy to announce that Gary Jurgens, 24 year old Masters IT students in the School of ICT at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has now official launched Mycopage, an innovative approach to create a web presence for small businesses. The system utilises new technology which automates the setup of websites and dramatically decreases the cost of website ownership. The current reality is that many small and micro businesses cannot afford a website, leaving them excluded from consideration by middle and upper income consumers. Mycopage address this gap.

A Mycopage website costs just R20 a month or R220 a year, with the first 3 months trial free.  Mycopage includes a client SMS and e-mail facility – both of which work on an separate prepaid system.

Gary Jurgens is also a client of the Eden branch of the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), supporting the development and growth of SMME’s. SEDA Eden supports the concept and sees Mycopage as a viable alternative to the mainstream approach to website development. “The benefits of having an online presence in this modern age cannot be underestimated; the Mycopage concept allows the micro and small entrepreneur to create an online presence, with self-created content pages, within a few minutes allowing them to start benefiting immediately at an affordable cost for a start-up business. “Mycopage can be a valuable tool for all small entrepreneurs.” says Paul Hoffman, acting manager of SEDA’s Eden branch.

Gary is working towards his masters degree under my supervision. Through his research in the mobile computing area he hopes to make Mycopage accessible to SMME owners which do not have a PC with Internet connection available. This will bring even greater value to the table.

So, know someone who could use Mycopage, go tell them.  Remember the first three months is free with no obligations.

Congratulations on the launch Gary, and all the best with this endeavor.