Three things that kill my creativity

Are you like me sometimes just not feeling creative? I am sure most of us feel that way some times…

I don’t think I have the recipe for being creative, but here’s three things that I noticed just kills my creativity.

1. Clutter. Sadly I seldom feel creative in my study… why? Too much clutter, too much things to draw my attention away from what I want to do. Clutter makes it easy to feel busy, overwhelmed even, but creative moments need the opposite.

2. Not enough fresh air and sunlight. The more I walk, the more I sit outside, the more I want to create something. Inside it is easier to feel tired, to sit or worse slouch, to lie down and sleep.

3. Being a model consumer. Does not matter what we consume: entertainment? Food? Books? Now there is nothing wrong with a good book, or a good book, or fine dining, but there seems to be an unhealthy limit. Consuming too much… of anything, makes you lazy.

I try and counteract 2 and 3 a bit in my life (could do more), but maybe its time I do something about no 1, my study… not sure what though, just cleaning/neatening up is not going to do it…


One Response to Three things that kill my creativity

  1. Dirk Strauss says:

    I could seriously get lost in the quagmire of or and browse for hours. But you are spot on with the office space being a productivity leech. My home office is by no means how I want it. In fact, I started painting it (which I still need to finish – DIE PROCRASTINATOR!!!) and I need to put up shelves and intelligent lighting. I also want to add a multi monitor setup (3 being my goal). For that I’ll need a Matrox TripleHeadToGo and two additional 26 inch monitors. All this is a goal of mine to work towards.

    When I need some inspiration for my office however, I look at the office space of Scott Hanselman, Jeff Atwood and Jeff Blankenburg. ( and and What’s on your desk at Sometimes I notice that my office clutter seriously impacts my productivity. I have also looked at some Feng Shui tips for a more harmonious office. Now I’m not one to believe in all that hocus-pocus, but looking at so called Feng Shui designed office spaces, I really notice that it does look serene and calming. I could work in such an office space.

    At the end of the day, I need to condition myself not to put down that interesting article or scraps of paper on my desk… you know, to read again later. I must not keep my C# reference book on my desk next to me. Rather put it on the shelf (that I still need to build). I guess it all comes down to having a system. I try to digitize as much as possible and Dropbox it. If I really need to reference something, there is a single device to do that with (computer or iPad).

    Unfortunately, I am interested in too many things.

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