Reflecting on 2012

So the end of 2012 has arrived… As a direct result of my 2012 beacons I have not been blogging this year. In retrospect that might have been a mistake, but allow me to reflect on how I fared in 2012.

My three beacons were: Prioritize, Purge, & Play. This is how I score myself:

PrioritizeA-. I managed to quite often ask myself “why?”. Why would i want to do this or that? Why must I do that? What would happen if I did not do x? Overall i managed this quite effectively; not perfectly by all means – I still way too often fall in a rut where I do whatever comes up and not stand critical to what I spend time on. Of course, some things must happen whether you want to or not, but the key here would be to strike the balance. I certainly got a little bit better this year at moving unimportant, but necessary tasks off to times I do not feel particularly creative.

PurgeB. Doing the prioritization effectively made purging easier. I certainly purged a lot of physical things (especially in my study) although I am not certain that those unfamiliar with my study would be able to tell: clearly more work needs to be done. Blogging was one of the things that i purged (as you may have noticed), but in retrospect that was not the right thing. I missed some of the ordering of thoughts, but at the same time realised that I need more of a goal with my writing. In terms of purging activities I’ve been pretty OK, but in terms of purging ‘things’ I have a long way to go.

PlayC+. OK, it is official, I am way too serious. I really struggled to ‘play’. This holds for what ‘normal’ non-nerdish people consider play, but sadly also for nerd-play. I have intended exploring many fun nerdish stuff that i just did not get too… Need to work on this – it is probably the one really good advantage of being an academic, and i am not using it too its fullest. It is particularly sad for me since the last six months I spent on sabbatical – good opportunities lost there.

So my beacons did not work perfectly, but I found that I had them in the back of my mind more than what any resolution would have been. I will set some new beacons for 2013 (stay tuned).

Let me indulge and recall some of the more vivid memories of 2012.

  • My wife, Adele, crossed the stage receiving her PhD in Education. Congratulations! Certainly in our family that’s a milestone. If we were status-kind of people we could now make a fuss that we are Prof and Dr Botha. Must admit it sounds good, but way to formal to either of our likings.
  • This was the first year that i did not have some reading of final dissertations or theses during the december break. Thanks guys, especially the two that handed in well in time so that we even had the results prior to the break. Which brings me to the next points:
  • Congratulations to Ishmael Makitla on finishing his MTech IT. In April he’ll graduate cum laude.
  • A big applause to Laurie Butgereit who finished her PhD. Some excellent reviews from external examiners were received and I am looking forward to introduce you to the congregation during the April 2013 graduation ceremonies.
  • With the help of my very conscientious students 1 journal paper and 7 conference papers appeared during 2012. Ladies and gentlemen, as your co-author, I salute you!
  • I am truly blessed with kids that are hard-working in school – the results shows. I don’t think a dad can be more proud of his kids than I am – well done!
  • November was a particularly long month as I was away from home in Frankfurt, Germany for the month. There I taught the Mobile Business I course at Goethe University. Packing a semester course into a month was quite heavy going…
  • This December was true off-time. Fourteen days camping at Hartenbos provided a much required break. Truth be told, I don’t plan on doing much till middle January – bliss, it is.

2012 indeed was a good year! I am thankful to our Heavenly Father for all the blessings received.

I know I am ready for 2013. What about you?


One Response to Reflecting on 2012

  1. laurie butgereit says:

    thanks for all your encouragement last year. i really appreciated it.

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