Beacons for 2012: my 3 P’s

I used four words to guide my behaviour in 2011.  Although it did not work perfectly I think it’s much better than traditional New Year’s resolutions which I think is generally doomed for failure. I must agree with Chris Brogan who says that “resolutions are often too vague, or too directed towards one goal”. He challenges us to

to dig deeper, to find three words that could be used as lighthouses to guide you through stormy seas, that can be used as flags on the battlefield of your challenges, words that will bolster you and give you a direction that goes beyond the goals you might attach as a result of these words.

So I’ve thought about words for this year and realised that what gets in my way quite often is that I take life way too seriously, I need to simplify and get more joy out of the things I do. I’m going to attempt to do that through using 3 P-words as beacons:  prioritise, purge and play.

Prioritise. To prioritise properly I will have to constantly ask myself: “Why?” “What positive contribution does it make in my personal or professional life?” Of course to be effective I’ll also have to figure out exactly what I really want to achieve.

Purge. Priorities will allow me to purge things from my life – unnecessary activities, for one – but also other stuff. I’m a hoarder of stuff; that will change. To simplify life I need to go with the maxim: less is more. No I’m not going to go totally Zen on you, but unclutter, I will.

Play. I need to be less serious and go more for having fun. Ok, so I’m a nerd, so my idea of fun and play may be a little bit different than others. However, I am in the lucky position to be in a job where I can define a lot (unfortunately not all) of what I do. I don’t think I’ve been taking enough advantage of that.

I hope that thinking about the three P’s can help me simplify my life.  Join me on my journey in 2012 – together we can make it an awesome year!

Have any words that you define your 2012 by? Why not share them with me (and the rest of the world)  in the comments…

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3 Responses to Beacons for 2012: my 3 P’s

  1. Thandiswa Oji says:

    i love this, i know the year has started a long time ago but this has just inspired me to find my own 3 words to live by for the rest of the year…big up to you:)

    • rabotha says:

      I’m glad it could be inspiring. As you might have realized one of the aspects that I’ve purged, at least temporarily, is blogging. I need more focus as far as my blogging is concerned… Constant reflection is a good thing, so use you word choices to do that anyway – personally I think that may even be more successful than at New Year’s as New Years is filled with all kinds of emotions and hype, sometimes allowing one to not focus on the stuff that is really important.

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