Are you using Dropbox yet?

Do you use more than one PC? Maybe need some files on your Blackberry and your PC? Or do you need some space in the cloud to back up important files…

Well I do. So, for the last month or so I’ve used Dropbox. It works like a charm. Its real easy – if you can copy a file to a folder you can use Dropbox. Download the software and install it… The installation creates a folder on your machine, you drop stuff in the folder and the rest happens all by itself.  Do it on multiple machines and as long as you are connected ti the Internet, the latest version of the file is there.

Register and you get 2G of storage space free, BUT use this link to register for Dropbox and we both will get 250MB extra storage…  Now isn’t that a clever way of marketing?

Using this mechanism you can get up to 8G of storage space free.  Now that will be enough for my immediate needs… but should you need more there is a (relative) affordable paid plan…

So have you registered yet. If not, use my referral link to register for Dropbox to get some extra free space now. (and thank you for giving me some extra space as well!)

Note: if you are behind a proxy server (such as at the university) you need to set that up in Dropbox.


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