More reading for Writing Wednesdays

Typeface: Thesis from Lucas de Groot

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Today I don’t want to write my own words on writing. Instead, I want to refer you to another very useful blog that deals with issues related to the research process, including writing.

The Thesis Whisperer (don’t you just love the name!?) provides many insightful posts on research, also specifically on writing.

Don’t believe me, go check it out! It is well worth the effort.



2 Responses to More reading for Writing Wednesdays

  1. angcwabe says:

    Prof, I want to train and equip myself for research. I want to read, write and talk more.

    I am going to use your posts a lot. I am also using your NMMU website.

    Keep working hard you inspiring me you are my role model I will follow your footsteps.

    • rabotha says:

      Thanks for the kind words Ayanda. You know they say success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Keep going and keep your positive attitude and you can only be successful in your endeavors – remember that without what some people may describe as “failure” you cannot learn and therefore not truly succeed… Put in another way: without trying one can only fail! I wish you well with your endeavors, and do keep in touch.

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