Three ways to convince me…

Trying to “sell” me something? Maybe not a physical product, or even a service, maybe just and idea? What may convince me?Well obviously many things may play a role depending on the situation, but I thought the following three things to be fairly universally applicable:

  • Get other to vouch for the idea.  Social proof will make me think twice… everybody can’t be wrong can they? (Yes they can… but it will make you think…)
  • Acknowledge the shortcomings. If they are small, I may be more inclined to listen to the rest… If you are truthful, I may just appreciate you more; its all really about building trust.
  • Don’t try a hard sell, I, like most people, am allergic. Try to help me instead… and I may be back… reciprocation turns out to quite a strong human force.

But that is just me…

Next time you do a presentation, what are you doing, you are trying to sell something, an idea or viewpoint maybe, but all presentations I believe are sales presentations. So next time you prepare for your presentation, think about why your audience would be convinced?

Why would you be convinced when you listen to a presentation?


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