Three Thoughts from a New Year’s brunch

New Year brunch

After everybody in my family stayed up to greet the new year, a late morning was quite natural.  I made brunch.  So I started my year thinking a bit, with the nice smells from the “skottel” providing ample inspiration.  So here are my thoughts:

Variety really do spice up life.

Imagine a brunch with just one thing, say, eggs, nothing else. Would hardly be something to look out for (for most people at least). No wonder the saying goes: Variety is the very spice of life… It actually ties in nicely with my notion of being more balanced in 2011. Will you be spicing up 2011?  How will you make sure that there is enough variety in your life? Or will you just be plodding along?  Only you can decide…

Choice makes everybody unique.

Not everybody likes the same stuff. Not everybody may like the chicken livers… That’s fine, it is their choice. We all need to learn to deal with it… would it not be way too boring if we all liked exactly the same stuff! Do you give those around you enough choice… or are you pedantic, so set in your ways that others lose interest?

Moderation has value.

While there clearly was not enough food to eat way too much, I was thinking of some breakfasts in hotels: the option to pig-out and feel sorry for the rest of the day exist. I was thinking that many of my friends probably has some dry mouths and headaches after a not-so-moderate celebration of the new year…? As for alcohol, if you’re lucky the results is short-term, if your unlucky and say end up in an accident your life could be messed up… or gone… As for other stuff, too much always is too much… duh?!

So here are some questions I am going to keep asking myself in 2011 and beyond:

  • Do I have enough variety in my life? Do I engage with all three legs of my life: work, family and community?
  • Can I help more people? Do I offer value in enough ways? Can I do more to help you?
  • Is this enough?  Will more not take away from the value?

How about you? How do you reflect on what you do?


2 Responses to Three Thoughts from a New Year’s brunch

  1. Laurie says:

    I remember once reading a magazine while waiting for an appointment. There was an interesting article on “charity” – the premise being that people who do not give to charity will never be rich because they have a limited view of the riches they already have in their lives.

    The same can be said about donating your time and energy. Some people may not donate their time to charities (or volunteer work) because they mistakenly think they do not have enough time to donate. But people who do donate their time to charities always have enough time for lots of things in their life.

    • rabotha says:

      Indeed, how do they say: “if you want something done ask a busy person”… And yes I fully agree that we often have a limited view of our riches! We are blessed in so many ways, and generally are so inadequate in return. If only we could be focused on the “change for the better” rather than what is in it for the individual…

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