Five things your too long presentation says about you

Hand of Time by Looking Glass

So your presentation runs longer than planned? What does this say about you?

  1. You did in fact not plan, not enough at least, or if you did plan but then you did not practice.
  2. You think you are more important than your audience and don’t care for their time.
  3. You have no respect for the organizers of the event.
  4. You don’t care for the other presenters, you just think of yourself.
  5. You  don’t actually know which part of your message is really important (maybe because you don’t know what your message is?)

Can you think of times when it is fine to talk longer than scheduled?


4 Responses to Five things your too long presentation says about you

  1. Lizo says:

    Wow I didnt even think of it that way. The planning one, At least I had some idea about it. But the facts are true though.

    • rabotha says:


      Thanks for your comment. Looking at how many people overrun, not too many people apparently think about it. A 6 minute overrun per presentation on a 10 talk schedule makes an hour difference overall…

      I think too many inexperienced presenters think to talk for say 20 or 30 minutes is long, we will never get there; but it turns out it is very short once one start speaking!


  2. […] takes time, lots of preparation time. My apologies to the audience for overrunning my brief, maybe it says something about me. Tom Peters, in his book “The little BIG things – 163 ways to pursue excellence” […]

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