Scared of not finishing the eighty-year-hurdles?


Finish Line by jayneandd

So you are taking it slow, checking things out, scared of making a mistake? Maybe you are afraid that you won’t finish the race. Well, the bad news is that this race doesn’t have an end; instead, all is in the participation! The thing with life is: none of us get out of here alive.


Now I’m not propagating that you don’t think about what you’re doing, or that you lead your life in an irresponsible way. No! Quite the opposite, I suggest that you always think, but not about the future, but about now, here, this moment and how you can make the best of it, right now. How can you be the best participant NOW?

How can you help others? In an earlier post I argued that the size of your team is directly proportional to the number of teams that you are on. You have lots to give; the most precious thereof is your time and your attention. We, unfortunately, way too often think of “giving” in terms of money or other material possessions. Even so, what would you say is the nicest: to give something away, or to ask for something? I think everybody will agree that giving is much nicer than asking. So while you may not have money to give, give that which you have: Time and attention!

Don’t procrastinate! Oh, it is so easy to just “be”. We can always say we’ll do it later, or decide that it’s not that important now. This, of course, may be true, but does that mean that you should do nothing? Probably not. Think about how you can use those lazy minutes in a more effective way. Maybe, one of these ways is simply to connect to others, to make a difference in others’ lives.  I don’t for a minute believe that we should never procrastinate; instead I believe we are biologically wired to sometimes just do nothing. However, when doing nothing becomes the norm, something is wrong.

Throw yourself behind what ever you are doing! Ask yourself why you are doing and what you are doing it. Are you just doing your job to get a pay check? Now that’s sad, but unfortunately I think it’s not too uncommon. I cannot imagine people not wanting to enjoy their work. You owe it to yourself to enjoy what you do most of your awake hours. I am not suggesting that you necessarily go out and look for another job, but rather that you think about how you can make what you do more enjoyable. In some jobs this may be a challenge, but in jobs where you interact with people, either customers or co-workers, it may be as simple as asking yourself how you can make their life/job better, easier or more pleasant. Most people will reciprocate.

Of course the eighty in this series of posts is just a number. Most of us will be very happy if we do make 80 years. However, should that be the case, the race is not over. No, you can just start another round.

Remember, the joy is in the participation! How do you make sure that you make the best use of every moment?


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