The eighty-year-hurdles is a team sport!?

A Helping hand

Do you feel you are running a lonely race? Do you feel as if you’re struggling on on your own? In the eighty-year-hurdles we are not alone. Although you might perceive it as an individual race, you are allowed a team!!!

Yes, there are people who will do their best to discourage you, who see you as competition. Those people miss the point, though they will always be there. But look around you, there are many people on your team. Let us look at some categories:

Family and loved-ones, are probably the most overlooked team members that exist. I think its an ego thing… We are quickly to claim that we do something for our family, but when things get tough we don’t want to involve those family members.  If you cannot trust your family and loved-ones to be there for you, who can you trust?  Trust is earned, and you have, after all, a history with them.

Friends, specifically the help-me-move-the-couch-type of friends. A true friend will always be willing to help you. Maybe that is how we know who our true friends are; don’t care about you are not friends at all! Some “friends” are only interested in what you can do for them… Going through difficult times helps you identify your true friends.

Like-minded people are also likely to help you. With social media getting the growth that it’s getting, it is so much easier to get hold of those like-minded people than in the past. This can provide a very valuable source of support when the going gets tough. Like a wise man said: “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet”. While I’m not 100% sure that this holds for all strangers, it certainly holds for a whole bunch of them – especially the ones which turned out to be like yourself. Learn to look for strangers just like you!

So, do you use the support that you can get in the eighty-year-hurdles effectively? Do you do all on your family and friends when the going gets tough? But ask yourself, are you there for them when they’re going gets tough?

Ask not who is on your team, ask on whose team you are! If you do that you will find a lot of people in your team.

Do you need a team member? I would like to be on your team. How can I help?


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