Dealing with tripping in the eighty-year-hurdles.

Tripping over hurdle

Will we clear every hurdle? No! Obviously we will sometimes not make it. Does that mean that we fail? No, it only tells us that we didn’t get across this hurdle.

Failure is final, you’re done, but falling over a hurdle does not mean that we are done. Remember that this place is not about winning or losing, but participating. Worry not about tripping, but what you’ve learned!

True skill requires practice, reflective practice. Of course, to learn from reflection there should be something to reflect on. This is where tripping comes in. It represents a learning opportunity, a chance to reflect on what went wrong and to fix that next time around. When tripping you can react in different ways:

Fall down and stay down, blaming everything but yourself. This is a fruitless choice, resulting in nothing positive, no growth.

Fall down, get up and stumble forth. At first this might seem like a reasonably positive thing to do. However, what is going to happen at the next hurdle? Are you just going to do the same? This would be rather stupid; you are setting yourself up for failure! I suggest you take the next option.

Fall down, get up, reflect and then continue implementing the lessons you’ve learned. This is the smart thing to do, it is also the more rewarding choice. Now you can have confidence to approach the next hurdle at full speed, knowing that this time around you will be able to give it a better shot.

Of course, carefully reflecting on the lessons learned does not guarantee success the next time, but it does reduce the chances of failure. So what if you keep on tripping? Keep your spirits up, do not get lazy with the reflection. Think carefully about what went wrong as well and is what went right. It is important to all so I reflect on the things that went right as something is seldom a 100% failure and one to not want to inadvertently change something that worked just fine.

Do you reflect enough on your failures?  How do you do that?


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