Setting up your hurdles for the eighty-years-hurdles

110 metre hurdles Bislett Games 2008

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You have more control over your hurdles than what you might think. Sure, some hurdles will be put there by other people, possibly those who want to trip you… Some hurdles may be present in circumstances that you have no control over, like the death of a loved-one or a natural disaster. But you choose a lot of the hurdles yourself through things you want to achieve, you want done, you think is important.

What you always have though is a choice of how to handle the hurdle. Here are some options:

Complain bitterly about the hurdle and slam into it
. Do not fret too much about the hurdles. See them as opportunities. If not you will be negative, and yes, you will run straight into the hurdle. It will never be a fulfilling experience.  You will be slowed down, thrown off course and not achieve anything. That’s guaranteed. It is so sad to see so many people complaining, eagerly waiting to hit the next hurdle…

Try to evade the hurdle. It sometime is an option to try to evade the hurdle. While sometimes it may be wise, in most cases it is not going to be particularly satisfying.  It is not going to help you enjoy the race more, to become better at the race.  The evasion maneuvers that you’ll have to execute will break your stride, will cause distress, but maybe sometimes the cost of evasion may be more acceptable than slamming into the hurdle! I cannot imagine, however, that this is how anybody would like to permanently live their life…

See the hurdle for the challenge that it is and put everything into the jump.
Plan you jump, and put your heart and soul into the jump. Will you cross the hurdle? Unfortunately no guarantees, but what can be guaranteed is this: if you sail over the hurdle nothing will beat the satisfaction.  Afraid that you will not clear the hurdle? Understandable, but if your heart is right falling down will help you learn something to help with the next hurdle; you will be more aware, more skilled, and more motivated than ever before. If you let your fear reign, you will choose the last option.

Jump the hurdle to miss. It is fear doing this. You set yourself up for failure. If you believe that you cannot then you will be most certainly right. Do this too often and you may end up complaining bitterly about the hurdles and slam into them. Vicious circle, you need to break it.

As for the many hurdles you build yourself
, set them so that it is a challenge… Too easy and you’ll get bored and feel unfulfilled; too difficult and you might forget that it was your choice to set the hurdle at that height…

How do you set your hurdles?



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