Keep going! You are running the eighty-year-hurdles

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Life happens. We need to deal with it. We will not like everything, but we need to keep going.

The eighty-year-hurdles differ from the popular track event in several important ways, three of which I explore here:

In the eighty-year-hurdles we do not have the luxury of practice.
We are partaking in the event right from day one. All of us make mistakes. I do, sadly you do too. There is a Japanese proverb that says “Even monkeys fall from trees.” Therefore, do not worry about the mistakes, it is how you learn.  Even the best of athletes trip over hurdles. Fair enough, you don’t see that in the big races that often, but have you seen all their practice runs?  Clearly not, I am willing to bet that their first encounters with hurdles were not nearly as fluent as it now seems…

In the eighty-year-hurdles we do not all start at the same time, nor are there any false starts. No, we enter the race while others are busy running it already. We should use this opportunity to learn from others.  Do not concentrate too much about what the others are doing, remember their hurdles and place in the race is different from yours.  You can choose to try trip the others in the race, or you could try to run the best race you can? Do not become so busy in tripping others that you forget to run the race…

In the eighty-year-hurdles it is not about the distance.
It is about the event, and participating in it. Falling down over a hurdle is just an opportunity to get up and start running again. The fall might not have been the nicest experience, sure, but it is an opportunity to get up and get going again. You can do so reluctantly, sulking, or you can do so as energetically and proudly. Sure you might have gotten hurt, I’m not claiming that it easy. You can choose, but the race is going on. Now which one is it going to be?

Maybe much of this can be summarized in the words of Thomas Jefferson: “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude … nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

From time to time it’s a good idea to think about the attitude with which you run the eighty-year-hurdles. Why not do that today?

Why don’t you share some tips towards maintaining a keep-going-attitude, and maybe help some others to keep going!


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