Running the eighty-year-hurdles

400 m womens hurdles (from WikiMedia Commons)

Even though I am not the world’s biggest sport fanatic, I do enjoy watching and even playing some sport from time-to-time.  Being my size and speed, track athletics will not be one of those that I will ever try and participate in, but I’ve been thinking lately about the hurdles events. I think we can learn a lot from thinking about the hurdles races.  In fact I’ve been thinking such a lot that I have decided to use this as a theme for a series of posts…

We are running the eighty-year-hurdles…

Of course any analogy is just that, an analogy. As such it breaks down at places, but sometimes one can even learn from those differences. So here are my next posts in context, to give you an idea of what is coming:

Unlike the 400-meter-hurdles, the eighty-year-hurdles is already taking place! You are running it! Keep going! Luckily we have a bit more control over the hurdles, or do we? Don’t be scared of tripping, even the best athletes sometimes do. Also don’t be fooled by the individualistic feel of the 400-meter-hurdles, the eighty-year-hurdles is a team sport! Don’t be scared of not finishing the race, it is not about the winning but about the participation. And finally don’t expect the track to be straight, even the 400-meter-hurdles has 4 turns.

I hope you will join me for my next six posts where I will examine the eighty-year-hurdles in much more detail. I hope it can help us run a better race!

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I will also be updating the links below as I post new posts:

Keep going! You are running the eighty-years-hurdles…
Setting up your hurdles for the eighty-years-hurdles
Dealing with tripping in the eighty-years-hurdles…
The eighty-years-hurdles is a team sport!?
Scared of not finishing the eighty-year-hurdles?
Even the 400-meter-hurdles has 4 turns!


One Response to Running the eighty-year-hurdles

  1. Adele Botha says:

    Cool – ek sien uit na die opvolgskrywes.

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