Two lessons from the world of succulents

Unexpected beauty

Do you fail to see the positive?

Expect the unexpected, time will always surprise you. Somewhere in that desert you will find a thorny succulent that will bloom… and a beautiful flower will arise… you must just give it time…

KEEP LOOKING for the flowers, knowing that sometimes the thorns will get you… but there is a beautiful flower at the other end.

Do you feel you are the problem?

Yes, maybe you sometimes feel as if you are the succulent… that you have some thorns… that’s fine, they may just serve a survival purpose…

BUT ask yourself how you can give people the unexpected, how can you bloom and give other something to make them forget that they thought they are in a desert.

[Note: Imagine our surprise when in January the non-descript succulent (bought at random) in the picture produced these flowers… sadly they only last a day, but they absolutely made that day, and I never looked at the plant quite the same again… Its grown in the last couple of months, and now look as if there are five flowers on its way… Can’t wait]



One Response to Two lessons from the world of succulents

  1. Adele Botha says:

    Hmm, ek kan ook nie wag om die blomme te sien nie. Januarie na Oktober is ‘n laaang wag. Hoop dit blom voor Maandag.

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