Opportunity is a matter of attitude!

Some days ago I found the video below via Nancy Duarte’s blog. It’s great to watch, an excellent exhibition of passion…

But I want to repeat the start of the presentations here.

Probably a lot of you know the story of the two salesmen who went down to Africa in the 1900s. They were sent down to find if there was any opportunity for selling shoes. And they wrote telegrams back to Manchester. And one of them wrote: “Situation hopeless. Stop. They don’t wear shoes.” And the other one wrote: “Glorious opportunity. They don’t have any shoes yet.”

Need I say more?

You can be positive about things, or negative.  Thing is, regardless, but sadly, you are probably right.

What do you choose?  To see the opportunity or to see the difficulty…?


3 Responses to Opportunity is a matter of attitude!

  1. Laurie says:

    yes, I love that story. The other story which is classic is the first person who started selling ice in New York City.

  2. Laurie says:

    I had been told this story in high school so I’m not sure of its authenticity.

    It’s a story of a person making his or her own market. Nobody drank COLD drinks or ate COLD food. And the first person to have this idea decided to start selling ICE. He built his own market from scratch.

    In fact, if anybody can validate this story, I would be interested in hearing it.

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