Staying cool, calm and collected when the unexpected happen

In an earlier post I reminisced on some things that can go wrong during your presentation. If we believe in Murphy’s Law examples of the unexpected is abound. It does not even skip leaders of nations…

Recently President Obama’s presidential seal fell off during a speech. He stayed calm… and handled it in his stride. Watch this video footage from YouTube.

Could he have done better? Well, maybe he should not have said “Where were we…” but just looked at his teleprompter (which undoubtedly he is using) and carried on, maybe repeating the previous sentence. But really, that is nitpicking from my side. The lesson: stay calm and handle the situation as best you can.

Credits: I learned of this incident via Kathy Reiffenstein’s blog post “How to Handle Presentation Surprises“.  It well worth a read. I also liked the comment by Lee Potts referring to the Valium bubble.


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