What is important to you?

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Nothing happens part-time!!
A previous boss of mine, Prof Eugene du Preez, used to say “Nothing happens part-time…” He did not mean to say that one cannot do things outside of your “normal” job, or after hours for that matter. No, what he said is that you must dedicate time to whatever you do.

Dedicate time… get less busy and deliver.
Are you dedicating time to what you consider important, or are you doing it “part-time”, or not at all? Without quality time and focusing on delivery, you will indulge your lizard lizard brain with busywork. You will procrastinate, but be very busy…

So what is important to you?
How do one tell what is important to you?  Tom Peters tell it like it is:

“The calendar never ever, ever lies – if you say something is a priority, then it must be quantitatively reflected, obviously, dramatically and unequivocally  in the way you spend your time.”

Ask yourself?

Write down what you say is important to you… There is nothing like seeing it in writing. Then check your diary… Not really using a diary? For the next week keep a log of what you do during the day – a simple piece of paper would do… then after a couple of days, ask… does your diary/log match with your written priorities…?

Oops…!?! What now.

Well, its your life, your choice, only you can do something about it. So I’ll end this post with a quote from Jim Rohn, American speaker and author. (Thanks to @rictownsend for making me aware of the quote)

“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.”

Go for it! Do the stuff that’s important to you… just don’t fool yourself.

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