Five sure-fire ways to get people’s attention.

People are busy.  It seems to me that if you want to get people’s attention you need to make sure that you earn it…

So I was thinking what works on me, i.e. how do people get my attention?

Turns out that if someone stand some chance to get my attention when he/she:

  • speaks to my curiosity in that they offer me some information I don’t have; of course it must be easy to access…
  • entertains me, i.e. I find his/her company, their writing, or whatever enjoyable in some way…
  • makes my life easier; here I speak about comfort, having less hassles, doing things faster, where I want, when I want to…
  • provides great service; it tends to make me feel special, although I realise its probably his/her attitude to life rather than me…
  • offers me just what I need, and not a million things more…

Of course critical in all of this is that they must be clear about what they offer, I (like most people) don’t like thinking about arbitrary crap all of the time…

Of course people build reputation, so getting attention is a good thing — if you can keep your promises.  A sure way to get attention, but of a negative way is to annoy them to no end… of course that will get you short-term attention and ensure that you will be ignored in future!

I suppose this what marketers do all day… But then I can’t understand why so little of the above things happen to me… Am I such a strange demographic?

So how do you get my attention?  Or better question what got your attention h


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