Put it on a list…

Lately I’ve been thinking about productivity issues quite a lot.  Some of it probably has to do with the fact that I managed to curb my e-mail anxiety quite a bit. If you read my blog previously you may recall that I’ve previously blogged about how I fought my e-mail monster in two rounds (one; two) and how I’ve sized it up, and how.  In that post I also mentioned that I used GTD principles as explained in David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. My experience as I applied that to e-mail was really positive.  It was not easy, but I reckon it is all about making a certain way of thinking a habit.

I have realized that having the separate folders for things that need to be handled and cannot be done immediately is nothing more than making a list. David Allen in his book maintains that if one does not have a trusted system to manage all the things that you should do, your brain keeps working at it; it will keep bugging you, taking away time which you could be using your brain much more effectively. Well, I can see it working.  Opening my “_Followup : @home” folder in my email immediately tells me what I should be attending to when I am at home.  I also segmented my “_Followup” folder in “@home” and “@webtime”, which contains things I think I should be reading when the opportunity arrives (I actually schedule blocks of time for reading).

Mark Suster’s recent post “Do you suffer from the Urgency addiction? It’s more common than you think” made me realise again that prioritizing and planning must form part of one’s daily ritual.  Maybe I’m not quite there, but I’m working at making it a habit. In his follow up post “Quick Hack to Make Your Boss (and you) more effective” the importance of “collecting” (the first phase in GTD) was again evident. Anyway through some links shared by Chris Brogan I found an interesting video…

In a staff memo turned into a video Chris Penn chains several “systems” together on how to be more productive:

Well, I was thinking “tools” to help me manage my lists, but did not have the time to explore it yet; however, after seeing this video I am thinking some simple text files could do a good enough job. I still have some problems as far as productivity is concerned and therefore  resolutions to myself (and posting them here will make me feel guilty if I don’t do anything about it)

  • I need to pay more attention to my analogue world (those of you who’ve seen my office will know. I’ve tried getting a filing system going… IT NEEDS MUCH MORE refinement plus I need to get into some good habits there…
  • I must work on the effectiveness of my to do lists – they’re there, but they need work too!  (at least they’re doing better than my analogue world)

Well this way I am changing my life one bit at a time… 

Are you highly effective? Maybe, maybe not.  How about putting some resolutions for becoming more effective down in the comments?  Then maybe you feel some social pressure 🙂

Come on I dare you, make changes to how you do things, tell me about it, I dare you.


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