DIY Powerpoint Icons

Microsoft PowerPoint Icon

Microsoft Powerpoint

The more I learn about Powerpoint 2010 the more impressed I am getting.  Want to create a nice looking icon? Well now you don’t need some fancy graphical editing tools anymore.

This post on The Powerpoint Team Blog has three videos that shows you in detail what to do. It uses the powerful new Shape operations (Shape Combine, Shape Intersect, Shape Subtract and Shape union). Clever stuff!?

Here’s two that managed quite quickly, the notebook done with the first method and the two face using the second method.  Could be quite useful if one builds a library of custom icons.

There is two things I particularly like:

  • Since its vector-based the “icons” are completely scalable
  • Also it is one object, therefore the Shape Styles works nicely on it

Once again, thanks to Tal Krxypow at The PowerPoint Team Blog.

I know I find this technique useful, hope you do too!

Here’s the videos:


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