Practicing what you preach…

Talk is cheap. Do you believe everything you hear?  Probably not… [although it is amazing how often I wonder about some…] Shows you though: talk is cheap.

The proof is in the pudding! In fact I think it is the eating of the pudding 🙂  It should be more than look (sound) good, it should taste good too, it should be believable…

I (like most of us) like giving orders! When giving “orders” to students, say in the form of an assignment, I clearly require a professional looking document in return.  So do all my colleagues…  However, when I look at what we give the students… is that always perfectly professional?  Ouch, maybe some I my handouts from the past will now surface… and I will be, well, duly embarrassed.  And this is but one example, ouch two…

Do you practice what you preach?  Do you even try?

Life is give and take… I undertake to balance that better in my own life: I will align my expectations better with what I give… I expect you to do so too 😉

I intend taking more from life, so I will have to give back more…

So, there you go: expect less and give more! Help make the world a better place…


4 Responses to Practicing what you preach…

  1. Johan says:

    Now lets hope you can practice what you preach!

    • rabotha says:

      Indeed. I am sure going to try my best! It might not be easy, it might not be perfect, but it will be! Therefore my personal undertaking in the post: “I undertake to balance that better in my own life: I will align my expectations better with what I give…”

      Please do alert me where I fail (or heaven forbid not try) – that’s why I put it on the blog!

  2. […] Why should I want to give wow!!! presentations?  I believe everybody strive for excellence, nobody really wants to be just average. Lisa Braithwaite points out that we are all judged by our presentations, not maybe in the way we think, but that the audience is trying to determine what their relationship with you is. I want to make this relationship worth their time and money – I have afterall on this blog vouched that I want to give more and expect less. […]

  3. […] a previous post I urged people to practice what they preach.  I realize doing so is not always easy and may take some commitment. So I decided its time to do […]

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