Sizing up my e-mail monster

When you are in a fight it is always a good idea to know exactly how strong the opponent is.  In my e-mail fight I have decided to size up the e-mail monster properly.  Unexpected my chance came yesterday…
Yesterday I did not read e-mail, I was just too busy…

So how did my e-mail look this morning?  Only 60 unread messages. I then spent just under 20 minutes handling them… Here’s the breakdown:

Responded to immediately: 4
Messages read and filed for future reference in appropriate folder: 4
Read and added to “_Followup” folder: 5  (2 of them also went on my must do today list)
Spam escaping the filter: 2
Messages “read” and deleted as it has no relevance and required no action on my part: 23
Messages read that maybe served some information/awareness purpose: 20
Meeting confirmations: 2

Hmmm, so just more than a third of my messages were time wasters… slightly more than another third probably worth the couple of seconds/minute that I spent on them, with somewhat less than a third remained as useful and/or necessary in some way…

Oh yes, checking my junk mail folder show only 7 messages in the same time frame. Well, well, well, I clearly needs less viagra, has won enough money and provided enough banks with my personal details…

Let me spend the rest of my day being more productive!

Do you know how your e-mail monster look?


3 Responses to Sizing up my e-mail monster

  1. Andrew says:

    My email monster had a lovely email about natural breast enhancement. Not that I have anything against breasts mind you, but as a male, I don’t want any of my own… on my own person that is 🙂

  2. […] previously blogged about how I fought my e-mail monster in two rounds (one; two) and how I’ve sized it up, and how.  In that post I also mentioned that I used GTD principles as explained in David […]

  3. […] them, but till some cognition come into play I did not really give it any attention. I was thinking how many emails I get, how many new blog posts I become aware of in my RSS reader, status updates in Facebook, LinkedIn, […]

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