Fighting the e-mail monster… (round 2)

Well round 1 has been paying off…  my habits are not perfect yet, nor is my mechanisms perfect, but I feel I have more control over my e-mail than 6 months ago.  However, I still spend way too much time on e-mail.  So ROUND 2…  here I come!
My next strategy is to get brief in answering e-mail.  Some might consider this unfriendly, I call it practical.  I am going to join the 5 sentences movement.  You will start seeing in my signature a statement: “Personal e-mail policy:“.  This does not mean that I will not treat you with respect, or spend time on your request.  To the contrary, it may sometimes take longer…  This does not mean that I won’t attach a document with feedback etc.  Support me by not sending e-mails with multiple topics (its bad e-mail manners anyway), rather send two that each deals with its own topic.

Some critics might quote “Sorry that I wrote such a long letter, I had no time to write a shorter one”… (this seems to be one of the quotes attribute to many well-known figures: from Churchill, Lincoln to Mark Twain… I have no idea who’s the real originator) and this does indeed raise a question in my own mind.  Then again,  if I can’t/won’t help you quickly I might as well say so and get on with life…

Will it work? Will it help?  I don’t know? I hope it will… What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below please.


One Response to Fighting the e-mail monster… (round 2)

  1. […] recall that I’ve previously blogged about how I fought my e-mail monster in two rounds (one; two) and how I’ve sized it up, and how.  In that post I also mentioned that I used GTD […]

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