Investing time…

What do you do with your time? Seth Godin made me think about this in his blog post “What’s the point” when he said one should not spend your time on project, you should invest time…

Time afterall is a very scarce non-renewable resource.  Once its gone it gone, nothing can be done to get it back. And there is no point sulking about it either – just more time wasted.  So I figure we can use time in a very similar sense as money.

We can:

  • WASTE time, not do anything productive. Note that I am not saying that not working is a waste, it’s not – all of us need to rest sometimes.  I just spend three weeks on vacation – it definitely is not time wasted; no, it refreshes and re-energises!  But to just do stuff because… well no reason: that is a waste.
  • SPEND time, by using it in some way. This has that “must” feeling to it – just doing the job. While we probably cannot get rid of all of that – sometimes we do stuff because we can 🙂 – most of this time befalls something perceived necessary, most often habitual…
  • INVEST our time by spending it on activities that are sensible in the long run.  Family time can be seen as an investment, but so can time spent on solving a noteworthy problem, or doing a project that will make a real difference…

I will consciously try to INVEST more time, actively trying to avoid WASTED time and minimize habitually just SPENDING time.  Are you with me?  Any good suggestion, leave them in the comments (that is time INVESTed to help others (me for one) and organising your mind, so go for it!)


4 Responses to Investing time…

  1. Laurie says:

    So the next time one of my children complain “Mom, you’re SPENDING too much time writing that dissertation….” I wonder how I should reply? Hmmmm, will they get an increase in pocket money once I’ve invested all this time?


    • rabotha says:

      I hope you are not just SPENDING time, but INVESTING time… but only you would really know what’s in it for you. I, for example do some things purely for the enjoyment thereof, and see it as an INVESTMENT in maybe my mental (if not physical) health… As for your kids: unless they get something tangible from it, they might see you WASTING time, never mind SPENDING… That’s fine. Take my blog, for example, many people would say I waste my time; I disagree, it provides me with an outlet to capture and organize some of my thoughts, vent my frustrations, and share stuff important to me with others. I get something out of it; as for the rest of the world – it would be great if they do too, but its never been the goal. So I see it not as SPENDING time, but INVESTING time. And no I don’t plan to monetize the blog… so the pay-off is not financial for anybody.

  2. […] of my posts: “Having a clear vision?“, “A professor’s job“, “Investing time“) and realized that comfort zones are there to be challenged, not enjoyed. Passivity seldom, […]

  3. […] of my posts: “Having a clear vision?“, “A professor’s job“, “Investing time“) and realized that comfort zones are there to be challenged, not enjoyed. Passivity seldom, […]

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