What a start

Well our holiday has started on a… hmmm, interesting note.  Not too far away from home Adele (my wife) bit out a tooth.  “What did she have?” you may ask.  A nice soft Jelly Tot… Go figure. The tooth did give problems in the past and it clearly wanted more attention…

Nevertheless we had a great picnic lunch at Storms River and set forth on the last half of the trip. On the toll road we hit a ridge in the road where they are doing some repairs…  Well, something has gone wrong as my trailer came loose; the safety pin clearly could not hold the stress…  It was quiet a distressing sight: seeing my trailer putting up a massively impressive spark show, then loosing direction and somersaulting into the bushes like a well-trained gymnast…

Well a passerby helped me turn it back on its wheels, and nothing was so broken that we could not drive (without lights since the electrics got torn off…)

Well, we did the rest of the trip safely, heart-broken about the soccer. The kids, however, managed to take our attention sufficiently away from that by flooding the bathroom… Well what do say things happen in threes: the mother (Tooth), the father(Trailer), the kids (Tap) all had a turn yesterday…

And so does our holiday start… with a bang, just like holidays must 🙂


2 Responses to What a start

  1. Steve Domingues says:

    Shame prof, you holiday started with a big bang. I hope you are all ok, and that Adele’s tooth wont bug her too much.

    I am in the neighbourhood so if you need anything I will gladly help you out.

    Hope that the rest of your holiday goes without anymore misshaps.

  2. rabotha says:

    Thanks Steve, the next 2 days went considerably smoother… May just get some rest afterall 🙂

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