World Cup fever


Can you feel it?

The World Cup is here! If you can’t feel it, you are either not in South Africa or you lost all your senses.  I need to start with a disclaimer: I am not traditionally a soccer fan, in fact a year ago I knew nothing about the game. Well, I still know little… But I can smell it, I can see it, I can feel it!

So in the spirit I though a soccer post on the first day of World Cup would be in order. Of course being me I needed to take a somewhat geeky look at it 🙂

Here it goes…

I collected some links that I think is useful, interesting or sometimes just nice to look at regarding World Cup 2010 (and sometimes just soccer in general). Anything you feel i MUST see, please leave the link in a comment.

SOUTH AFRICA is ready! Well at least the stadiums are.

Here you can find a big poster showing all the stadiums. Its in Spanish (I think) so I can’t read it, but it looks nice anyway 🙂

The world is visiting us (not in the numbers we wished for it seems, but anyway). If your geography is like mine, especially with lesser known ones, The Washington Post provides an interactive World cup Explorer. Not only can you see where the countries are, but click on the country to see current news about the country.

Need to quickly catch up? Find a nice infographic about the history of the World Cup Finals (2010 starting today, 11 June 2010, if you’re still asleep). You may also want to explore the history if World Cup in an interactive manner.

I was amazed at the geek-factor behind soccer! Loving visualizations I found two tools aimed at the EUFA league fascinating.  Interesting in analyzing a game in detail, or maybe replaying some old games to see if you get the rules, the strategy or whatever.  Have a look at the Guardian’s Chalkboards and adidas Football.

But what about the World Cup games, you might ask. Well unfortunately for that you have to be a real geek an have access to an iPad… Information aesthetics report that mint digital want to bring out a World Cup Visualizer that will allow you to follow real-time statistics on your iPad.

What a money-spinner! Well soccer players are certainly paid a pretty penny… Not convinced look at
top_50_earners_in_world_football. No doubt exists that the World Cup makes lot of money go round… See some of the economics behind the World Cup as a nice infographic. Not so sure about their predictions regarding being the biggest money spinner yet. Maybe for Blatter and family, but with empty hotels, etc. difficult to see the advantage for ordinary South Africans. Must admit that the power of that money makes me wonder if I read things like this.

Want to stay abreast of things? Mundial 2010 en provides absolutely the GREATEST visualization of matches that I saw on the Internet (and I’ve been looking!)

BBC Sport provides traditional-styled fixture calendar where you cPick your team to be highlighted. Or have a look at’s 2010 World Cup interactive guide to the groups.

Who will win? The World Cup predicted tries a scientific prediction. Could a country’s GDP be a better indicator of its chances to win in South Africa than its team’s playing formation?I don’t know… More importantly: I don’t care!  I am on leave, I do not need to be a scientist during this time! Vote with your heart!


Share your interesting links, your support for Bafana Bafana, or whatever soccer-related in the comments.  For the next month I have soccer fever.  Beware its contagious… (then again maybe I got it from you?)


One Response to World Cup fever

  1. Adele Botha says:

    Our Nelson Mandela Stadium is really impressive, and my heart says Bafana Bafana is in with a chance to go all the way. Go Bafana Bafana go!

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