not quite an Easter Egg… but hilarious

Easter eggs are “features” built into programs for the fun. Often you find some of them in the About boxes in programs. Now this screen is not an Easter Egg, since it has nothing to do with Google, but is a very interesting, and in my nerdish opinion, hilarious exploit of the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button of Google.

On the Google home screen, type “Where is Chuck Norris” and then hit “I’m feeling Lucky“.  The page above pops up. ROFLMAO.

Of course what happens is rather simple.  The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button of course brings up the first page in the list Google returns. happens to be the first, so the result “looks” as if it coming from Google.

Well done! – and keep working on getting first when just typing Chuck Norris, unfortunately this does not work 😦

Credit: Thanks to @MaleHuman for retweeting @HilzFuld… It brought more than a smile to my face.


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