where two or more…

people are meeting and they agree, all of them but one are not needed…

Sure, one gets meetings  that “inform”.  Hell, how boring can it get?! Surely in today’s day and age there must be easier ways to share information. What about an e-mail? Ok too many of those, nobody reads “generally informative” e-mails. What about a blog – privately if the information is senseless.  Not enough time to write? Well use the time you will be sitting around in the meeting anyway (where doi you find that anyway?).  Too lazy to type? or just too slow a typer maybe (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt), what about doing a podcast to keep me up to date (at least then I can listen it while sitting in the traffic). Important that I see you or your props – how does a video sound?

Aha, I see, I cannot ask questions. Well, ever noticed how few people ask real in-depth questions at “informative” meetings? Well those are likely to react through other modes as well…

Of course, there are things which can make meetings useful – things that require lots of interaction to and fro.  Meetings to initiate new initiatives, meetings to “work” on outputs, rather than talk about the need for outputs.

Seems to me we live in a world where too many people talk about the work to be done, and too few people willing to do the work.

Sorry for leaving this (inform-you-about-my-frustrations) meeting early, I have some work to do! (any questions, please ask them in the comments, and I will get back to you!)


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