Large scale data presentations

Wondering how to present your data?  Take some inspiration from large scale data visualizations…

What about displaying the weather on the side of a 38 story building? No way you may say.  Done. Take a look at “Weather Tower Media Facade Shows Weather Forecast”.  Impressive stuff.  If you haven’t clicked through yet you are missing how 6000 windows with 72 LEDs each looks…

Or what about a circular display of data, literally around the clock.  Check out “LDN24: Real-Time Data LED Installation” a public art installation designed for the Museum of London.

Obviously not all of us can build such impressive installations, BUT…

Next time you imitate 30-year old PacMan with a lousy pie chart, or make a Manhattan skyline with your bar chart; stop, think, and decide whether you can’t do better. I’m sure you can!


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