fontastic jokes

Choosing your font on slides is important.  However since its weekend I don’t want to write on presentations and fonts… maybe another day.

I’d rather remove all doubt that I am a nerd and admit that I enjoy jokes about fonts… I mean how nerdy does it get?!

So if you haven’t heard Technically Funny’s Don McMillan’s “Life after Death by Powerpoint 2010” presentation yet, you’ve missed out. Watch it…

At 2:01 you can hear him tell this joke:

Helvetica and Comic Sans walk into the bar and asks the bartender for a drink.
Bartender: “Sorry we don’t serve your type here”

I just loves his portrayal of the reaction at font convention…

[If you don’t know this video it well-worth the bandwidth 🙂 it also should make you think about Powerpoint a bit, another great reason why you should watch!]

Which brings me to the following  (found through Mike Pulsifer posterous – with the original by Tom Gabor.)

Have a fontastic day 🙂


One Response to fontastic jokes

  1. Godwin says:

    I thought the video was hilarious and must say very educational. It got me pulling the covers on some of my mistakes.

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