What should we do?

So what should you do? What should you be spending your time on?

Seems like a simple question… till one starts thinking. 

Surely the answer is not to plod on from day to day; to do the same thing over and over again.  It is so easy to become just anopther cog in a big machine, to just do stuff because somebody is paying you for it.

So ask yourself why somebody is willing to pay you money for it… I would imagine that is because somebody NEEDS/WANTS what you have to offer.  However, this can not be the only thing you consider, can it?  Most people would know that you are GOOD at certain things, what about those things… Other things you may be very PASSIONATE about (maybe not as good, but that will probably follow in time…).  So my maths background urged me to draw a Venn diagram.  Here it is…

What to do?

It occurs to me that one should try and spend most of your time in the areas 1, 2 and 3 (in that order also). If you spend most of your time on the question mark sector, I would siggest you have a problem, you have become a cog in somebody else’s machine…

More interesting though is the other sectors. This is where true opportunity lies… Find your tribe, those that need desperately what you have to offer and is good at and passionate about.  Grow the circle “What other need”: find the ones that need your passion and skill, they may be closer than you think…

Is the JACKPOT not to live is sector 1? What do you think?


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