Wanting to be wrong…

How do we learn? By making mistakes, of course. Have you ever learned something by not making mistakes? Not possible…

How do we grow? By choosing to grow!

How do you choose to grow? You choose to not be scared of being wrong…

I often wonder why students, for example, don’t comment on class wikis, why they don’t bother to add their two cents worth to a discussion? I think it’s because they are scared of being wrong…

But THEN we need a mindshift… A drastic one


Otherwise you probably are not going to learn anything, you probably will not grow… what a depressing thought. (Of course maybe my belief that people want to grow is wrong…  Hmm, one of the rare occasions where I will rather be right.)

Seth Godin in his book linchpin says that when people complain that they don’t have any good ideas he asks them to share some bad ideas. I think that is brilliant: to get to the good ideas we need to get past the bad ones. Being worried about being wrong/having bad ideas is for people afraid of success!

Therefore, if you want to be a success, join me in not being scared to be wrong.

Am I missing the point?


6 Responses to Wanting to be wrong…

  1. Laurie says:

    Remember that programmer’s saying “Fail Fast and Early”? You need your software to fail. But you want it to fail early in its lifetime, not later.

  2. Godwin says:

    I like to think I also learn by observation, not necessarily making a mistake of my own. Perhaps, the learning is relative to context?

    • rabotha says:

      True, I was more thinking about “skills” type of things, i.e. those type of things that require doing… To do a presentation, for example 🙂 To learn how to program, play a musical instrument, etc. I suppose the learning actually comes from the reflection on the “mistakes”, not from the mistake itself. If you keep making mistakes, one will start learning how to do it perfectly wrong!

      Also there is the issue of “new” knowledge – errors one needs to make to learn/discover “new” stuff, stuff that other don’t know… therefore you cannot observe them.

      Some things, hopefully, we will learn without mistakes: not to drive while drunk is possibly a good example? (Unfortunate many don’t!)

  3. Godwin says:

    Absolutely, in that case I couldn’t agree more.

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