Blaming technology… oh so convenient!

Bad workmen blame their tools

Lately I have seen several mentions to bad, bad Powerpoint…  A conference bans the use of Powerpoint, the NY Times has a front page article portraying Powerpoint as the enemy…  But how much of the blame can really be attributed to Powerpoint…?

The USERS of software needs to also take responsibility! Lots of my students assignments look… well… bad. They have been saved – it is afterall because they do their write-up in Word.  Yes, ban Word, let them write assignments with pen and pencil again!  Of course exams are still taken that way… I rest my case.

Preposterous you would say: cannot possibly blame Word – its the students’ writing skills. Of course some now blame twitter, facebook, sms, mxit, and the shorthand “language” that follows it. But see this interesting project and what happened when they released a script with spelling errors…  ouch.

Dave Paradi makes a similar point on his blog, with a post reading: If Powerpoint caused the war, Excel caused the financial crisis.

So why do we blame Powerpoint when presenters mess up…?  Should we not rather educate presenters?


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  1. […] LaTeX — have you ever seen a LaTeX document looking really bad… anyway, I digress].  But one cannot blame the tool, I pretty much see this as a matter of taking pride in your work, showing dedication to the task at […]

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