Meaningful work

Gladwell in his book “Outliers” talk about the importance of “meaningful work”. He describes meaningful work as the kind where effort and reward are linked.

Maybe one of our problems in South Africa is that we do not have enough of that around, meaningful work, that is.  Instead we live in a mix of culture where “entitlement” seems to be the predominant thought.  I am entitled to something because of the color of my skin, or what my forefathers did or did not do…

Radical thought… maybe we should just reward people who perform and penalize those that don’t.

Of course for this we need leaders, leaders who can do.  Leaders that can discriminate: not on race, religion, sex or age, but on performance.  Of course this would be difficult as no such leader would be popular, no, for that, I fear, there are way too many lazy people around…


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