Having some fun when making slides

Do you like making slides? No? Maybe that is because you don’t play enough.  making slides for me is great fun (when) I have some time on hand.  I love taking pictures and using them on slides.  I love playing with fonts… I’m less of a fan of animation, but even that can sometimes be fun – but very distracting to the audience is not used properly. So I thought I’ll share some of my favorite examples and tools with you…

Lets start with examples. The image in this post comes from Unstage.  One of my favorite images is an advert from Australia Post on this blog.

When I play with these stuff what is my favorite “toys”.  I try and support free software as far as i can – Paint.NET is a great free tool. No, its properly not Photoshop or similar, but for my debatable knowledge about such tools more than sufficient. Great work guys!

Having diffuclty to figure out exactly which color(s) works well with another. Try Color Scheme Designer 3 – it even exports the color scheme for you as css if you are designing a web page…

I have also in the last couple of days learnt about the Color Swatch Add-in for Powerpoint.  Works quite cool.


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