Taking control over my desktop

People tend to laugh when they see my desktop. Maybe its because it resembles my office and study… I can win the prize for the most unorganized person around, easily.  While I would not exactly say that I had sleepless nights about this, I was wondering what I could do to become a bit more organized.  When my favorites on browser and the handful of machines i used got out of hand, delicious.com helped me sort it out.  Don’t really use it as a social bookmarking tools (but feel free to browse my bookmarks) but for now the fact that I can access it from anywhere is just great and the tags is much more natural than some immediate-outdated hierarchical organization. Don’t know what took me so long). Anyhow, so I was wondering how I can solve my desktop organization issue…

After reading on Scott Hanselmans blog about Fences, I downloaded it immediately.  This was about ten years too late… Wow, exactly what I needed – a mechanism that allow me to group my icons in sensible groupings, hide most (or all) of the icons in a double click, and restore a previous snapshot of the desktop after Windows messed up my layout after switching between screen resolutions and/or mulitiple screens.  To get it going took, I don’t really know, way less than 5 minutes to get all my icons in a decent place (it even populate some default fences for you…)  I am truly amazed. Thanks to the guys from Stardock!

Right now few people will look at my desktop and deem it unorganized – fullish maybe, but unorganized, definitely no…

Go and download it for yourself from Stardock’s site and see what I am fussing about.


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